Night City Wire Episode 3 Recap – New Gameplay and Shots

Last Updated on September 19, 2020

In case you missed it earlier this evening, here’s the full Night City Wire episode 3 installment. There’s some cracking footage included this week, plenty of new stuff to check out including gangs, a city overview and more.

This episode gives a much better overview of Night City and helps bring the game to life. There are some great map shots too which we’ll be using to tweak the Cyberpunk 2077 Interactive Map. What these videos do show is the scale of the city and the attention to detail that’s gone into what is now looking quite spectacular. Visually the game has come a long way since the 2018 footage.

Quite a lot is already known about the gangs from the World of Cyberpunk book and previous snippets of info but there’s a little more information on each one in today’s show, especially for the Wraiths and Aldecaldos in the Badlands.

If you missed episode 3 earlier, here it is and it’s well worth your time. Below you can view the gameplay and gangs trailers on their own as well as all of today’s new shots.


Tour of Night City


New Screenshots

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