Technical Perks

technical perks

The Technical Perks focus on proficiency with tech including armour, harvesting loot, and crafting.

Technical Perks List


RevampIncrease sale price of crafted item by 25%.
Master Gunsmith 5% chance of getting an additional prototype component as crafting material for every item made.
R&DUpgrade items to the legendary quality level.

Additional Crafting Notes:  Players will be able to craft mods to clothing. This can add additional armour rating to clothing while retaining the same look.


Crazy ScienceIncrease tech weapon damage by 25%.
Mech LooterLoot scrap from drones, robots, and mechs with 30% chance of finding weapon parts.
Blast ShieldingReduces explosion damage taken by 10%.
ShrapnelAdd 20 additional damage to all previous garnet effects.
GrenadierMake the explosion radius of grenades visible.
Reverse engineeringRemove weapon mods.
You can’t touch thisImmunue to own grnade damage.
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