Cool Perks

cool perksThe Cool skill focuses on stealth, crit hit damage, and resistances.

Cool Perks List


ToxicologyPoison duration increased by 5 seconds.
Embrace the Shadow25% \HP regen when in stealth/sneaking
Crouching TigerMovement speed increased by 30% when in stealth/sneaking
Attraction and RepulsionUnlock the ability to push grabbed enemies.
Dagger DealerUnlock the ability to use throwing knives
Hidden DragonUnlock the ability to perform aerial takedowns
NinjutsuAll sneak attacks with melee weapons will deal 100% more damage and 100% critical hit
Stunning BlowFast melee attacks will stagger enemies
Hasty RetreatGain 50% movement speed when spotted by enemies

Cold Blood

MercilessIf Cold Blood is active, crit chance +10% and crit damage +2%.
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