Attributes, Skills, and Perks

Attributes, Skills, and Perks are where you will start to really customise V’s skillset. These are broken down into three sections, Attributes, Skills, and Perks. It seems complicated but if you think of each one being a tier with sub-sections, it’s easy to follow. Remember, Cyberpunk 2077 features a “fluid class system” so players can take multiple routes along each tree at the same time or specialise in a particular area.

Customising abilities follows this path: Attributes -> Skills -> Perks, in that order.

perks and attributes
Colours added to show how each attribute is separated.


Attributes are the core base elements split into the following categories.

  • Body – Physical capabilities such as max health, accuracy, melee damage, reduces bullet spread, and max stamina.
  • Intelligence – Hacking proficiency in the world. Shortens hacking upload times and reduces hacking difficulty levels,
  • Reflexes – Coordination and dexterity which can increase crit chance, evasiveness, and attack speed.
  • Technical – Proficiency with tech including armour, harvesting loot, and crafting.
  • Cool – Staying cool under pressure such as stealth, crit hit damage increase, and improves resistances.
Attribute Points
Assigning Attribute points at the start of the game.

At the start of the game, each attribute is assigned 3 points. The player has a further 7 points to add to any of the above attributes.

Players will gain a further attribute point as they level. It’s not known how often these points will be allocated. It could be at every level or every two levels but it’s an unknown currently.


Skills are defined by their Attribute and are categorised as follows:

BodyAnnihilationStreet BrawlerAthletics
IntelligenceDevice HackingTarget Hacking
CoolStealthCold Blood

Each of these skills gain skill proficiency points. When you carry out actions in, for example, Cool by being stealthy you will gain points in Stealth and so on. How you play will help shape your points.


Perks are effectively enhancements to your Skills. Note each Skill tree includes around 20 perks. Perk Points to assign into Perks are gained from leveling.

The unlocking sequence of each addition perk follows this flow as an example. Much like a typical ARPG skill tree, some perks may be required to unlock a more powerful one. See example below.

Cyberpunk 2077 Skill Tree

Perks Lists

To view all known perks and their effects in the following Attributes with their skills, see list below.

Total Number of ways to Enhance your Character

With 12 Skills available in total and 20 Perks in each, this gives the player a total of 240 perks to enhance their character.

Leveling up and points allocation

In order to level up, players will undertake actions in the game to gain XP which will grant points to be assigned to the base Attributes and each Skill’s Perk points

For example, in the top image on this page, you will see four points in Reflexes. In that tree, there are three skill categories listed, Blades, Rifles, and Handguns. Note there are four points in Reflexes. In each Skill category there is a maximum of 4 points in each. This is indicated by 2/4 or 3/4 as shown in the images

This shows that the Attribute points you can allocate within each tree determines how many points you can place in each Skill category of that tree. The higher you raise the points in each Attribute, the more points can be allocated to a Skill as the base level of the Attribute has increased.

Street Cred

Street Cred is another area where players gain points. Street Cred is not used for enhancing skills but it is used as a way to determine how you are viewed in the world. For example, more street Cred can reduce costs at vendors or help in unlocking higher quality items. Street cred is earned by undertaking certain actions such as side quests or completing bounties.

Actions Mean Points

As we’ve already touched on, the skills you use will determine how quickly you level that skill. For example, an encounter and how you approach it, can grant you experience in a particular skill, street cred, and gain overall level XP experience. Therefore actions mean points and help gain different kinds of points for you to allocate in all areas depending on the action.

Breaking Down Where Points Come From

  • Attribute points come from leveling up XP
  • Skill points come from using skills under each type. For example, Rifles, Technical, Engineering, Hacking. Max determined by Attribute Point number.
  • Perk points come from leveling up XP
  • Street Cred comes from carrying out side quests outside of the main questline.


Attributes, Skills, Perks and Street Cred will determine how players customise V to their particular playstyle. Whether it be a tank or stealth style of game you want to experience, there will be a way to find the right balance for every player with the right choices.

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