What is Cyberware?

As well as standard items that can be equipped, V can also upgrade his/her body through Cyberware augmentations.


  • Active – Must be executed by the player like weapons.
  • Triggered – Activated when a condition is met.
  • Passive – Runs automatically once installed on the body.


Cyberware uses the same quality types as items which are as follow:

  • Ordinary
  • Unusual
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Iconic


Each piece of Cyberware takes a minimum of one slot. Some of these items may take more than one slot. Below you can see the final interface for Cyberware in the game.

The table below shows known Cyberware slots and their number per position on V’s body as shown in the screenhots above.

Frontal Cortex X 3

Operating system

Ocular System X 1
Arm x 1Cardiovascular system X 3

Immune system X 2

Nervous system X 2

Integumentary (Skin) X 3

Skeleton x 2

Arm x1
Leg x 1Leg x 1

Known Cyberware Augmentations

  • Mantis Blades –  Large blade arm attachments. [Arm]
  • Blood Pump – Improve healing through the cardiovascular system. [Cardiovascular]
  • Micro-rotors – Improves movement speed and precision via the nervous system [Nervous System]
  • Reflex Tuners – Activates slow motion when health falls below critical. [X]
  • Gorilla Hands – Improves your strength and melee strength. Applies to hands. [Hands]
  • Monowire – Fiber optic arm lasso used to slice an enemy. Also function for quick hacks. [Arm]
  • Krenzikov – Activates a slow-motion effect when dodging an enemy attack.  [Nervous System]
  • Synlungs – Artificial lungs improve endurance regeneration. [Cardiovascular]
  • Kiroshi Optical Scanner MK1 – Scan objects to gather information
  • Kiroshi Optical Scanner MK2 – Scan objects to gather information and spot weak points.
  • Zetatech Neural Processor MK1
  • Raven Microcyber MK4 – Perorm quick hacks, slow down enemy hacks on you, increase quick ack by 60%, Increase cyberdeck RAM by 6 units per 60 seconds.
  • Titanium Bones –  Increase carrying capacity by 20%.
  • Subdermal Grip – Enables use of locked weapons with 50% damage reduction, increases melee damage.

Where to upgrade

Cyberware is installed at Ripperdocs within Night City (see the Interactive Map for locations) and they have featured in the videos released so far for the game. These specialists in body augmentation appear throughout Night City and will be the gateway to cyber body improvements for a price.


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