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Heywood is a Latin American influenced region in Night City. This zone is a suburban district that unfortunately suffers from a gang problem. Heywood’s region is one of contrasts with the northern part bordering the City Center being better maintained. To the south and east things go downhill, the inhabitants are poorer and the streets become more dangerous.

Make no mistake, the gangs are in control of Heywood. The most prolific gang in Heywood is the Valentino gang which is also one of Night City’s largest gangs. They take honor, justice, and brotherhood very seriously.

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Heywood is a neighborhood of contrast—from modern skyscrapers and parks in the north, to dangerous, inhospitable slums in the south. It’s “the biggest bedroom in Night City”, where gangs like Valentinos and 6th Street get down to business—legal and illegal alike

District – Wellsprings

The north side of Wellsprings features new modern buildings bordering the City Center. Further south is slightly older smaller buildings and more visible graffiti.

District – The Glen

Initially, a well-presented area of Night City which includes City Hall and the rather tranquil looking Reconciliation Park. Away from City Hall, the area degrades and houses a poorer population and gangs such as the Valentinos and the 6th Street Gang.

Valentino Gang

One of Night City’s largest gangs with a heavy presence in Heywood, the Valentinos are bound by a strong moral code and century-old traditions. Controlling swathes of predominantly Latino areas of Heywood, they treat values such as honor, justice, and brotherhood with deadly seriousness.


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